Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my account verified?

Our onboarding is automatic. Once signed up, the dashboard will present you further steps. These usually include adding a payout method and more details about your business.

What's pending balance?

These are payments that are being settled. It takes 4 days for a payment individually to be changed to available balance.

How fast do I receive payouts?

If you have available balance and request a payout, it usually takes 12-16 hours to be sent to your attached payout method.

Can I add another payout method?

If your desired payout method isn't available and you wish to receive funds in an alternative method, there usually is a minimum threshold of minimum payout request. Email us at for such an inquiry.

How do you handle chargebacks?

We'll let you know if there is a chargeback and inform you with further steps.

My country isn't available, what should I do?

Email us at, we'll make sure you can onboard under exceptions.