In order for your website to confirm payments, whether they are successful or fail from your customers, you have to utilize webhooks.

You can test your webhooks on your live server or at https://webhook.site

Parameters sent by our servers

Method: POST

apiKeyStringAlways SentYour merchant's API key.
paymentIDFloatAlways SentTotal order amount. Must be equal or above 1.
emailStringAlways SentThe URL that we will send an IPN notification to after a successful payment.
amountStringAlways Sentsuccess URL where the user will be redirected after a successful payment.
incomeStringAlways Sentfailure URL where the user will be redirected after a failed payment.
feesStringAlways SentDescription of the payment. Can be any string.
dateCreatedStringAlways SentAutofilling email field to improve conversion.
metadataStringIf providedAutofilling email field to improve conversion.
statusStringAlways SentAutofilling full name field to improve conversion.


{"apiKey": "x-x-x-x", "paymentID": "627bsb6e43ed458085579593", "email": "andrew@gmail.com", "amount": 5, "income": 4.05, "fees": 0.95, "metadata": { country: 'US', some_parameter_here: '360' } , "dateCreated": "2022-01-01 06:00:00", "status": "completed"}